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Honey Vodka by Vintage Distilling
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Honey Vodka to save the bees

Sustainable honey harvesting uses bee-friendly techniques and ethical practices to minimize the impact of human activities on bees and the environment. It involves natural and non-invasive methods, such as using top-bar hives and leaving enough honey for the bees to survive the winter. Certification programs, like Bee Better Certified, verify sustainable beekeeping practices and it’s important to support these practices by choosing ethical beekeepers, buying local honey, and planting pollinator-friendly plants in your garden.

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A selection of our current spirit lineup. Made with attention to detail and lots of love. Awarded 96 points by wine enthusiast.

Vintage Distilling


Handcrafted vodka produced by blending organic, locally sourced honey with ultra-premium neutral spirit.

Vintage Distilling Handcrafted Vodka
Vintage Distilling

Handcrafted Vodka

Produced from ultra-premium neutral spirit, 2 hydrogen molecules, and 1 oxygen molecule. Then filtered using proprietary technology.

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Welcome to our world of craft cocktails! Our premium vodka is the perfect base for creating a variety of refreshing cocktails. So why not pick up a bottle today and get creative in the kitchen? Cheers to your next mixology adventure!


of the Bees

We share our profits with beekeepers so that we can help save the bees and provide an outlet for the beekeepers to sell their honey and keep their bees alive.