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Vintage Distilling began as an American Dream. Started by Erik & Silvija Dudor, third generation and first generation Lithuanian’s respectfully, with the help of Ted Skirgaila - their dream was to bring the traditional Lithuanian honey spirit “Krupnikas” to their home community of LA and the modern market.

Krupnikas is a cultural staple in Lithuanian culture. Erik & Silvija recall always having a bottle on the table during holidays and as celebratory drinks at weddings. 

When Erik began making honey vodka at home as a humble hobby- the best way to celebrate their first successful batch was to debut it at his & Silvija's wedding.

Erik then attended a Master Distillers training at LA Distillery - where he refined his distilling process - first producing a handcrafted vodka without honey of exceptional quality. Their unique finishing technique allowed them to handcraft this vodka to perfection.

Vintage Distilling now offers two extraordinary spirits: the Handcrafted Vodka & Honey Vodka - both with distinct flavor profiles unlike any spirits you’ve tasted before.

Made with neutral grain spirit, purified water and locally sourced all natural honey from a California based bee co-op for the Honey Vodka - these bottles represent Vintage Distilling's dedication to preserving their Lithuanian heritage in the modern context of their LA roots.

In every bottle of Vintage Distilling’s Vodkas you will taste the passion, cultural richness, and refinement that go in to every drop. Whatever you are toasting to- from a casual celebration to life’s biggest highlights- Vintage Distilling Vodka’s are the perfect sip.

These bottles will enhance social gatherings and culinary experiences alike offering a sophisticated and refined choice for those who appreciate quality spirits.

Whether enjoyed as a base for inventive cocktails or sipped neat for a moment of quiet indulgence Vintage Distilling Vodka’s will add depth and character to any experience.

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